1994 Black Tobiano Stallion

Stands 15 Hands and weighs 1150 lbs.

APHA # 270634 and PtHA # 81897

Paint Foundation Breeders, Inc. # 49

98% Foundation Bred

PtHA National and Res-National Champion

APHA-OPHC 1998 Summer Spectacular Circuit Champion

"Barbone" is a cowboys horse. We work cattle on him in the morning, breed mares after noon, and off to a roping for the evening. "He's a Natural", says Jeff Bourquin, who is our trainer. "Barbone's" sire, " Heart A Tack", was the ranch sire for the Big Bull Ranch at Canadian, Texas. Ole Tack was a well kept secret and has less than 20 registered get, with two of those having over 300 APHA  performance points. On the top side, is "Garver's Two" and "Hy Diamond " bloodlines. The bottom side of the sire ,"Hart A Tack", goes back to "Hank H" and "King" on top, and  "Midnight" ( this is word of mouth) on the bottom side. "Barbone's" dam, "La Scooters Belle", on the top side, is a grand-daughter of "Otoe" (by Sugar Bars) who was an AQHA  Champion and producer of champions. The bottom side of the dam goes back to "Peppy" and the King Ranch. "Barbone" is a beautiful horse to look at, but that is the outside, what really makes him majestic,  is his disposition. He is quiet and reserved when he is supposed to be, and a stud when he is in breeding mode. Jeff Bourquin's second grade daughter rides barrels on him in the summer. "Otoes Heartatack" ( Barbone) is a  Cow Horse  with foundation blood lines and he is passing these great traits along to his get.


Jeff and Barbone heading for Dayle Ferguson at Pinto World Show 2000.



Some of his awards with limited showing:


1998 PtHA National Champion -Open Heeling

1998 PtHA Res-National Champion -Open Steer Stopping

1998 PtHA ROM - Steer Roping

1998 APHA OPHC Summer Spectacular Circuit Champion -Open Jr. Heeling

1998 OPHC Year End Champion -Open Heeling

1998 OPHC Year End Res-Open Champion- Heading

1998 APHA ROM - Heading and Heeling

1999 PtHA National Show 6th place - OpenHeeling

1999 APHA ROM -Open Steer Stopping

1999 OPHC Year End Champion - Open Heading and Heeling

1999 OPHC Year End Open Res-Champion - Steer Stopping

2000 PtHA World Show 3rd place -Open Heeling 

2000 PtHA World Show 5th place - Open Heading 

2000 PtHA accumulated performance points = 99

2000 APHA accumulated performance points = 40

2000 OPHC Year End Res-Champion -Open Heading and Open Heeling



Heart A Tack APHA- 45,760

Garver's Two AQHA- 255,425

    Hy Diamond          (TB) JC # 466488
Garversmexicospecial  AQHA # 19850

Otoes Heartatack APHA -270,634 & PtHA- (Black Tobiano)

Blue Hank Squaw APHA- 40,437 & PtHA-40,437

     Blue Hank       AQHA # 73,386
Coward's Sissie PtHA- P-5713

La Scooters Belle QH- 1,810,305

Scooter Otoe AQHA- 354,741

         Otoe                 AQHA # 128,989
      Nina Jan           AQHA # 164245

La Rancha Belle AQHA- 564,260

Ho Boy's Peppy       AQHA # 270542
Elmore Ho Belle        AQHA # 96207

Jeff & Barbone - steer stopping at the Pinto Nationals 1999.


2000 Howell Partnership Productions