Unregistered Paint Breeding Stock

Can be registered 

1996  Sorrel  Solid Gelding

16-1 Tall - Weight = 1250 lbs.

This horse is an own son of Mr Zippo Jack Bar( by Zippo Jack Bar by Zippo Pint Bar) and La Scooters Belle( by Scooters Otoe by Otoe). He is broke to ride an will make someone a pleasure to own. He is used here on the ranch to check and gather cattle. He is kinda laid back and not the kind that will jump out from under you, but one you still can get something done with. He is big and strong and is easy riding, with a gated trot and gentle lope. He would be perfect for the late beginner or intermediate rider.



Mr Zippo Jack Bar

Zippo Jack Bar

Zippo Pine Bar

Fair Eyed Jackie


unregistered breeding stock gelding

Barton Jewel

Painted Jewel

Barton Girl

La Scooters Belle

Scooter Otoe


Nina Jan


La Rancha Belle

Ho Boys Peppy

Elmore Ho Belle

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