AQHA # 212

1934  Sorrel Stallion

15-1 Hands Tall - Weight = 1200 lbs.

29 Foal Crops & 193 AQHA Reg. Foals

16 AQHA Point Earners and 3 ROM Earners



Peppy was an own son of Little Richard( by Old Sorrel) and China( by Cardinal by Old Sorrel), making him double bred Old Sorrel. His outstanding conformation and talent (he was cool, calm, level-headed, and kind), led him to become the King Ranch's poster stallion, the first horse to be extensively shown by the King Ranch. Peppy was taken on the show circuit for 5 years, where most people felt he was unbeatable. In 1941 he would be shown at Tucson and he would be named Grand Champion for the last time. He would be retired to stud duty after that show. Some of Peppy's get are: Cuero, Peppy's Pokey, Peppy's Pepper, Cacuchia,  and Chispa De Oro. Peppy fit the King Ranch mold for a good using horse, 15 hands tall, good head, withers that would hold a saddle in place, solid in color, stout, well muscled, and smooth. He carved his nitch in the AQHA as a show horse and a sire.


Little Richard

Old Sorrel

Hickory Bill

Dr. Rose Mare

           Peppy             AQHA # P-212

Lucky Mose Mare

Lucky Mose




Old Sorrel






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