AQHA # P-12

1927 Dark Chestnut Stallion

15-2 Hands Tall & Weight = 1200 lbs.

16 Foal Crops and 130 AQHA  Registered Foals

2 AQHA World Champion & 10 AQHA point Earners



Cowboy, is listed in the AQHA #4 Stud Book as an own son of Yellow Jacket( by Little Rando) and Roan Lady( by Stalks), but there are some that think the AQHA #3 Stud Book is correct by stating that he is an own son of Buck Thomas( by Peter McCue) and a Yellow Wolf Mare( by Yellow Wolf). Then there are others that think that he was an own son of Peter McCue, but for the record, the AQHA #4 Stud Book stands as most the accepted pedegree. Among all the divergence ,however was the common denominator that everyone agreed on, and that was that Cowboy was one of the finest horses that ever lived. He was a using horse, running horse, and a great sire. Some of Cowboy's get are: Shue Fly, Gangster D., LaChee, Bulldog, Mug, Georgie F., Basin Bess , and Little Cowboy. Cowboy turned out to be a tremendous sire despite not having a lot of high-powered mares, and he left a strong mark on the industry.


  Yellow Jacket Little Rondo Lock's Rondo
Unknown Mare

Cowboy P-12   1927

Barbee Bun Lock's Rondo
Unknown Mare
Roan Lady Stalks John Wilkens
  Bonnie Wilkens John Wilkens
Unknown Mare

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