Joe Reed

1927 AQHA #P-3 Sorrel Stallion 

14.2 Hands tall- 1000 lbs.

18 Foal Crops- 184 Reg. Foals


Joe Reed

Joe Reed P-3

Joe Reed P-3, was the third horse registered by the AQHA, designating him one of the breed's most important Foundation Sires. An own son of Joe Blair (TB) and Della Moore (speed horse). Without Joe the AQHA would not have had Joe Reed II,  Joak, Red Joe of Arizona, Leo, Joe Sunday, Reed McCue, Joe Bob, Little Fanny,  Sue Reed Joe Darter, Catechu, and  Joe's Last. Joe had a blaze and four socks, a long neck, small ears, a shapely small head, and well-muscled. J. W. House, owner of Joe Reed, said, " I bred him to mares around here( Cameron, Tex). Most of them didn't have no breeding at all, but every colt could run, and some of them pretty fast. I had two good mares, Little Red Nell and Nellene. I raised Red Joe of Arizona from Red Nell and Joe Reed II out of Nellene. I never saw a sorry horse by Joe, no matter how sorry the mare". Joe Reed was sold to Jess J. Slankard, DVM of Elk City Okla. It was here that Joe died of a heart attack on May 17, 1947 at the age of  20yrs. Slankard said, " I think Old Joe  was a mighty great horse and could have been much greater if he'd had any chance at all"( referring to the mares that were brought in for stud service).



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